DAVID BOWIE ? Five More Cheap Shots

1: Do you remember, your President Nixon? Come on, its 1974 Dave, you would have to have a pretty poor memory to have forgotten about Nixon. You can understand people forgetting about Dre, he?s just a producer after all. But Nixon, he was the leader of the western world.
2: The world didn?t end in 1977, did it. Asserting that it would on Five Years on TFAROZSATSFM (what a handy acronym that is) was frankly scaremongering tactics which would have caused panic in the streets had you been a slightly more respectable artist and not prone to the heavy eyeshadow.
3: I despise people who pretend to be John Lennon, by working with Paul McCartney. But Bowie is the only guy who had a hankering after being Paul ? even down to the left handed guitar playing of Ziggy Stardust (doesn?t really matter what hand he uses, Bowie admits he?s a lousy guitarist). Nobody else worked with Lennon to produce excrement like Fame ? except maybe Yoko.
4: Bowie produced Lou Reed?s Transformer. Notable for its ability to transform the toss Ludovic was doing with the Velvet Underground into an even more excruciating solo career. Also notable for the massive stiffy Lou has on the back cover.
5: Ziggy Stardust again: ?He was the Nazz, With God given ass?. Fair enough, he had a nice arse. But what?s with this Nazz nonsense? Such a word does not exist. I?ve tried many a dictionary to plumb its meaning and the nearest I got was Nazi. But hey, Dave wasn?t a faux fascist until at least ?75.