“Just what is you want to do, Bobby?”
“Well Tanya, what I really want to do is get the indie boys and girls onto the dance floor and make them dance like demented scarecrows trying to rid themselves of arse-jammed pike-staffs. Preferably for the next 10 years”.
“Aaah Yeah, excellent”
“And furthermore Tanya, I?d like to introduce some bag-pipes, horns, plenty of Soul 2 Soul shuffley back-beats, maybe the odd tambourine, and for a bit of inventiveness, I was thinking a gospel choir.”
“Nice one, Bobby, sounds really eclectic”.



How embarrassing. Well readers, that was me and B.Gillespie in conversation back in 1990, one of my first articles for the Student newspaper. Thanks Bobby, it?s been a truly wonderful 10 years. I thank you for bring much joy and originality to all those nights out. A weak lager in a plastic glass is that much better when simultaneously hearing you getting “deep down” and being free. I think I can also thank you for being the inspiration behind the Stereo MC?s. Sadly, from what I?ve heard lately from you and the boys lately, we?re never going to get another “Inner Flight” or a “Slip inside this house”. I heard “Movin? on Up” in a modern church service – a magic moment. Sorry readers, just getting a bit carried away by fucking ?Screamadelica” – you know how people do, like it?s some kind of sacred cow. Sorry.

I Hate Music