1 did Rajam captain the MCC?
 2 did the chauffeur confess to Pinky’s hit and run?
 3 did the doomed old man ride on a long-eared, cream-coloured donkey?
 4 did the Irish orphan play his eponymous Jewel Game in the spymaster’s shop?
 5 was the elephant, earlier acquired for £2,000, given to the mahout by the grateful globetrotter?
 6 did the peg-legged Jonathan witness the murder of the treasure-carrying Achmet by Abdullah Khan?
 7 did the doctor remove the bullet from beneath his own pericardium, aided by M’Allister?
 8 were three nuns frightened, when a fellow passenger removed his clothes?
 9 did Antony attempt to blackmail Ronny’s sometime fiancée?
10 did Skene allegedly shoot his wife?