1 whose opera was inspired by Virgil?
 2 who honoured Queen Anne’s consort with a stimulating voluntary?
 3 who wrote music for the attendant to Prospero as he donned his ducal robes?
 4 who wrote music forever patriotically associated with our green and pleasant land?
 5 who named a composition after a mighty biblical hunter in honour of his editor and friend?
 6 and whose music, for words originally penned by a mediaeval Tuscan poet, is named after his Cotswold birthplace?
 7 whose celestial composition was renamed after which Essex village, for ecclesiastical use?
 8 who composed an opera with juvenile involvement based on a story from Genesis?
 9 and whose cantata was based on a Babylonian banquet described by Daniel?
10 Whose combined effort for a Strand theatre ended in a duel?