(GAH – I published 7 and 8 out of order, soz like)

1 What was likely to give Pistol indigestion?

2 What proved to be soporific for Benjamin and his family?

3 What was dismissed as no more than a college-educated relative?

4 What, according to the hookah-smoking larva, can variably influence height?

5 What were all snatched by the greedy monarch while dining with his sister-in-law?

6 What culinary combination features in the refrain of a ditty describing an amphibian’s final journey?

7 With what, specifically, did the old gentleman in the black velvet cap darken the air?

8 What extraction project beneath the floating island had taken eight years?

9 To what spring growth were the Premiers in days of old likened?

10 What was a relic of Leopold’s poor mama?