1 Takes its name from James I’s physician?

2 Is a drupe of drupelets brought together by a Californian judge?

3 South American lily takes its name from an alumnus of Uppsala University?

4 Tuber is named after that alumnus’s Curator at his natural museum and garden?

5 Heated fire-iron was named after a renowned herbalist and rector of Erfurt University?

6 Shrub is named after a Pomeranian polymath, who was physician to the House of Holstein-Gottorp?

7 Is named after a Montpellier academic, who proposed a classification of plant families?

8 Was found in Mexico by an envoy, who was later the eighth president’s war minister?

9 Tuberous cultivar is named after a sometime Intendant on Hispaniola?

10 Was named after the physician to Mark Antony’s son-in-law?