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ROUND 1 During 1918:

1 Where did whose reign last for 66 days?

2 Who tragically missed the night train from Lisbon to Porto?

3 Where would Bolshevik “surrender” be annulled eight months later?

4 Which supreme competitor had scored 80 when finally dismissed by Brown?

5 Who published cynical views on an eminent convert to Rome, a groundbreaking headmaster and a “Chinese” martyr?

6 Who led the development of gasses for chemical warfare, but was selected by KVA for his work on facilitating N2+3H2?2NH3.

7 Whose passing was mourned by his wife Emma and their daughter Chouchou?

8 Who gave up everything and was the guest of Count Godard and his family?

9 Whose closing words from Horace were sadly only too true?

10 Of what did Sykes take charge 13 days after its formation?


1 Frederick Charles of Hesse, King-elect of Finland from 9 October to 14 December 1918 [Anatol wikipedia’d]

2 Sidónio Pais, assassinated at the station [Alan, google work]

3 The treaty of Brest-Litovsk (3 March) was annulled by the Armistice (11th Nov) [Mark S]


5 Maybe Lytton Strachey in his “Eminent Victorians” [Mark S]

6 Nobody actually piped in with this – Fritz Haber from off of the Haber Process was awarded a Nobel prize (KVA is the Swedish Academy) [Presumably all A-level chemists]

7 Debussy – married an Emma and their daughter was named Claude-Emma, but called Chouchou (presumably for the LOLZ. in both cases) [Jeff, well done for not mentioning Che Guevara who was minus 10 in 1918]

8 That Kaiser Wilhem Zwei chap who was a guest at “Am A Wrong Un” castle for 18 months post abdication [Alan, googling]

9 Wilfred Owen in “Dulce et Decorum Est” [Anatol]

10 Possibly the “Eastern Committee” though not confirmed