thorin“Hi, I’m Sexy Thorin Oakenshield, and I like nothing more than a good sing-song, especially if it’s about gold. Sitting down, standing up — as long as transition metals are involved I’m not fussed. However I must say I was slightly disappointed in the ABBA Gold album, in that gold was only mentioned briefly at the end of ‘Thank You For The Music’. ABBA have a lot to learn from Spandau Ballet in that respect.”

Thanks Thorin. Let’s see if there are any ‘nuggets’ in part three of our countdown!

20. Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble (Youtube)

I think we can all agree that Taylor teaming up with Max Martin was definitely a good idea. This is the dubstep one (except not really).

19. Kylie – Timebomb (Youtube)

Kylie is one of the few people who can really sell one-note melodies. This is probably my favourite of her singles since “The One”.

=17. Nicki Minaj ft 2 Chainz – Beez In The Trap (Youtube)

One of my personal favourites of 2012! Nicki goes super-minimal here, forcing her simple diss to take the front stage and get firmly lodged in your head. Warning: the video = kinda NSFW, dudes…

=17. Icona Pop ft Charli XCX – I Love It (Youtube)

The spirit of Lolita Storm lives on!

16. Jessie Ware – 110% (Youtube)

FINALLY I have figured out who Jessie reminds me of — Margaret Berger! She has the same gentle touch, dancing in and out of the soft whirry beats. Basically Jessie is more of a Jet Li than a Jean-Claude Van Damme.

15. Cher Lloyd – Want U Back (Youtube)

Fantastic bratty pop from X Factor‘s overachieving Class of 2010. (Click here for the UK version with Astro’s rap)

14. Santigold – Disparate Youth (Youtube)

This was used on an advert recently but I was concentrating far too hard on how awesome Santigold sounded to pay attention to whatever was being advertised. It won’t cause any riots but the reflective dub-skank is right up my street.

13. Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments (Youtube)

Or maybe she’s more like Kylie in the Streetfighter movie?

12. Plan B – ill Manors (Youtube)

Now THIS might get the flaming torches lit. A cracking sample and an unstoppable stream of bile against the government. TO THE BASTILLE!

11. Solange – Losing You (Youtube)

For better or worse, this particular wheel of pop is firmly pointing towards INDIE.