Do you find it difficult putting together a political rally? Do you find that your poorly performing football club is losing fans by the thousands and it is hard for you to maintain a general sense of hub-bub in the stands? Do you really like the Spanish word “Olé” poorly enunciated but loudly projected over and over again to what, everyone in my office agreed, was the Olé Olé Olé tune? Well salvation is at hand for you:
2013-01-22 13.16.36

I must admit I have always wondered who was singing the Olé Olé Olé tune at many football grounds. I have often also wondered if the general crowd noise on Match Of The Day is actual crowd noise from the game, or the sporting equivalent of canned laughter. Usually when I most suspect that of happening there is a particularly specific song sung to disabuse me of this notion. Often including a packet of sweets and a cheeky smile. But back to this megaphone and its “Olé” switch. We used to own one at work which did a generic siren, which you could see could be useful. I just cannot think of an occasion where having access to a very muffly, extremely monophonic version of Olé Olé Olé at hand could ever be useful. Any idea. Or any idea for a replacement for Olé Olé Olé setting, to give the modern megaphone more utility.