“Hi! I’m global megastar Rihanna. While I’m not achieving world domination I like to flick through old copies of Melody Maker and think about how I lucky I am not to have to compete with the likes of the Milltown Brothers and Haysi Fantayzee in the year-end polls of old. Of course, these days the only poll that truly matters is the Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll, so I’m delighted to be giving you this year’s voting details!

Just email your top 20 tracks of 2012 to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com by 23.59 31st December 2012. Simple!

– You can vote for fewer than 20 tracks
– 2012 remixes of 2011 songs etc are fine
– Your #1 track will be allocated more points than your #20 track so put them in order if that is important to you.

Happy voting!”