We are having our first ever Readers Poll this year! It’s only going to be a little poll, with just one category – the best tracks of the last year. If you’re reading this, and especially if you’re a regular reader or commenter, we’d love you to take part.

All you need to do is send an email with your 20 favourite tracks of 2010, in order, to poppoll2010@gmail.com. And you should do this before the end of Sunday 2nd January 2011, so we can run the results on the week of the 3rd. That’s it really! But there are a few clarifications below the cut anyway.

Do I have to choose 20 tracks? No, you can send in fewer if you want. If you’ve done a Top 10 for another poll and you don’t have time to amend it, for instance, we’d much rather have a copy of that than nothing from you at all.

Do I have to put them in order? No, but please indicate in the email if they’re not! We will probably do a mix of the top picks though, so if you do have a #1 at least tell us that.

Do they have to be pop? They can be anything you like.

Do they have to be from 2010? You don’t have to go back and check the release dates or anything, if you think it’s a 2010 track we’ll take your word for it. And if it was from an 09 album but got a single release in 2010 that’s fine too.

What will you do with the results? There will be a complete countdown with videos on the LJ Poptimists community (who are also taking part in the same poll, using a different email address WHICH WAS PART OF OUR PLAN ALL ALONG oh yes) and we’ll link to that here too. On here we’ll have a text rundown, a mix of people’s #1 picks, and your favourite FT writers writing something about the list. Or, coo, we might have a special podcast or something. That would be fun. Anyway it’ll be good and a welcome distraction in back-to-work week.

What about albums? There are a lot of album polls in the world and I like track polls more. :)