*where “you” are the people on Twitter or Tumblr who answered the question, “What’s the best thing you wrote all year?”. This includes some very good people, so let’s celebrate the casting away of false modesty and go and read their self-proclaimed best stuff.

Alex Macpherson went and saw Laura Marling live, and reviewed that.
Andy Hutchins wrote about “internet radar” and suspicious memes.
Brad Nelson had an argument about Taylor Swift.
Caitlin Moran wrote about partying with (and talking to) Lady Gaga
Chris Burlinghame wrote about falling back in love with music.
Chris Randle wrote about 50 Cent’s strange year and his videogame acting.
Christian Ward wrote a song! Called “The Angry Brigade”
Kat Stevens wrote some print stuff, but her favourite online thing was this Singles Jukebox entry.
Jonathan Bogart wrote 52 true statements about the “United States of Pop 2009”.
Mark Richardson wrote about Tune-Yards, Christina Aguilera, beauty and self-esteem.
Matthew Harris wrote about a family reunion.
Matthew Horton reviewed the new OMD album and pointed out what the revisionists don’t.
Matthew Perpetua had ten explanations for Spoon’s “Mystery Zone”.
Mehan Jayasuriya wrote a eulogy for Mark Linkous.
Michael Saba wrote a piece for Paste about the Iranian underground music scene.
Mike Atkinson ringmastered and wrote commentary for his “Which Decade” project.
Mike Barthel approved of the Scissor Sisters in The Awl and also (cos I asked him for a non-music choice too) wrote about his experiences with Tourette’s.
Pete Ashton wrote about how our experience of social media is ‘sliced’ and about the possibilities for local media.
Sally O’Rourke wrote about “Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts” for Popmatters.
Tumblr’s Thirtydollarproject wrote about Sufjan Stevens.
Tim Byron wrote about Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” for The Vine.

Thanks to everyone who named a piece!