I have a great big post on the boil looking at Last FM stats but in case it doesn’t get finished here’s a quiz for you. NO PEEKING – Peeking meaning no going to Last FM and checking the answers.

The quiz is very easy! All you have to do is guess which is the highest ranked track on Last FM by each of these artists. LFM’s public data only goes back 6 months, which makes a difference in some cases, and it hasn’t got the VERY latest hits (i.e. Katy Perry’s #1 is “I Kissed A Girl” not “California Gurls” let alone “Teenage Dream”). For some of the listed acts it is the obvious track, for others it isn’t, this is where blind luck your skill and judgement will play a role.

So here goes! Quiz under the cut, answers in the comments box and I’ll let you know who does best.

2. Lady Gaga
3. Vampire Weekend
4. The Smiths
5. Lily Allen
6. Blur
7. Kanye West
8. The Prodigy
9. Beyonce
10. Radiohead
11. Rihanna
12. Michael Jackson
13. Johnny Cash
14. Metallica
15. Britney Spears
16. The Kinks
17. The Beatles
18. Donna Summer
19. Jay-Z
20. Outkast