Sometimes in the middle of a long tournament you pause for breath, you think about the time you’re spending on all these games, look at the sun shining outside, consider all the other stuff you could be doing and you think to yourself “man alive I’m enjoying this tournament!”

We’re halfway through the round of sixteen now, the challenges are crunching and the pop football is being played as it should be played. Onwards to victory! And defeat, obviously.

This match closes at midnight on Thursday 6th May

GHANA: Tic Tac – “Kangaroo” The Manager Says: “After sailing through the group stages with 3 wins from 3, and a votes total beaten only by Netherlands and Portugal, you would think that all is harmonious in my Ghanaian camp. But it’s not – I’ve had to fire my Press Officer because it turned out I was the only manager in the tournament who had one. I think all the others are just jealous.

Anyway, I’m well aware of the threat posed by Slovenia, and their manager, ‘The Special One’ Kat Stevens. We’ll need a bit of guile to get past these Euro-boshers, which is why I’m selecting Tic Tac, one of my country’s favourite rappers, and his 2006 hit ‘Kangaroo’. It was our country’s theme song for the 2008 African Cup of Pop Nations, and I’m hoping that the fluidity and fancy footwork in the midfield can bounce us past Slovenia and into the last eight.”

SLOVENIA: Sestre – “Aladin” The Manager Says: “The Slovenian management is happy to present three lovely ladies from Ljubljana: Marlenna, Daphne and Empera3zz. Luckily for you, dear listener, they got sidetracked on their way home from Talinn in 2002 and ended up in an Arabian Night club. They’re still in there dancing away with Antoine De Caunes as far as I know.”

Round of 16 Match 4: which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • GHANA - Tic Tac 62%
  • SLOVENIA - Sestre 38%

Total Voters: 55

Poll closes: 6 May 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis Through the group stages, these two teams were probably the most certain of their preferred style, the most likely to stick to their shape. It’s something of a surprise to see both incorporating foreign styles into the template this time – Ben’s Ghana looking west, Kat’s Slovenia looking east. It makes for a fascinating match. On first listen, Ghana seem to have such quality throughout the team that they’re unbeatable, but then our second listen to Slovenia was via the youtube link above and now we’re not so sure…

Coming up: Next week, on to the second half of the Round of 16, and two of thedark horses of this tournament, as the Netherlands take on Paraguay.