It’s tight down here at the very end of the group stages but nothing’s decided yet. Switzerland, managed by Greg F have just one point but a win here could see them through (assuming other results go their way). Honduras (Carsmile Steve’s babies) have three points right now, and a win sees them through, while a draw will leave them biting their nails and looking at the Chile score.

This match closes at midnight on Wednesday 21st April

SWITZERLAND: Stress Ft Karolyn – “Tous Les Memes The Manager Says: “Having fielded mediocre results with older tracks for the previous two rounds, our young manager turns towards the present day to pull out a desperately needed win.  This catchy rap track by Stress ft. Karolyn does indeed hail from just this past year and, indeed, recently won a Swiss Music Award for Best Swiss Single of 2009.  Plus, as far as I know, it features no Senegalese-Frenchmen.”

HONDURAS: Bullaka Family – “Amanecer en la Playa” The Manager Says “The lads were very upset by our poor showing in the last round, Brian, but that’s the nature of this game of two halves. To finish off our group matches here are Bullaka Family. They appear to be Honduran equivalent of Roll Deep in that they’ve worked with almost everyone else on the local reggaeton scene, this is a nice slice of summery pop that’s in and out in two and a half minutes. I think we’ve made some friends so far, hopefully enough to see us sneak through into the promised land of the knockout stage (and i honestly didn’t think i’d be writing that six weeks ago!!)

Group H Match 6: Which of these tracks do you prefer? [ballot]

  • HONDURAS: Bullaka Family 66%
  • SWITZERLAND: Stress ft Karolyn 34%

Total Voters: 35

Poll closes: 21 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis: Fittingly for a tie boasting the presence of the Bullakas, this is a beefy kind of game. Steve sticks with his muscular reggaeton approach, always enjoyable. Greg, too, stays with Swiss hip hop, a choice which meant a slightly torrid time last time out, but this is a good showing. There’s nervousness on the terraces, and in the dug-outs. Everything in the groups will be clear at the end of this game!

Coming up What comes next is a little break to let the group games play out, and to let the Pop World Cup team have a little break. We’ll be back the week after next with the ROUND OF SIXTEEN!