Group H is here, and today’s games mark the end of the popglut which has been this last set of games in the last qualifying round. This game features Alberto’s Spain side, six points out of six and qualification in the bag, against JEL’s Chile side with one point so far – Chile can progress, but they need a win and they need a favourable result in the Honduras game.

This match closes at midnight on Wednesday 21st April

CHILE: Nicole – “Hoy” The Manager Says: “The mood in the camp has been excellent, and I can’t really fault the players, results just haven’t gone our way. Perhaps our tactics have been a little naive at times, and I take some of the blame for that. Anyway, here’s a jolly little tune, with just a touch of sadness…”

SPAIN: Estopa – “Vino Tinto” The Manager Says: “After securing qualification into the knockout stages, Spain were tempted to field a B-team, bit instead the manager has told the lads, ten year veterans Estopa, to go out and enjoy themselves on the pitch with their guitars while drinking some Vino Tinto.”

Group H Match 5: Which of these tracks do you prefer? [ballot]

  • CHILE: Nicole 56%
  • SPAIN: Estopa 44%

Total Voters: 48

Poll closes: 21 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis It’s no surprise that the Spanish manager, euphoric after qualifying for the next round, should press the fun button in this game. It’s more of a surprise to see the Chileans play with such freedom. Not, perhaps, a game which will be recalled as a PWC classic, but good fun all the same.

Results! Ghana 3 -Germany 1; Serbia 1 – Australia 1. Ben’s Ghana side power to a 100% record by sticking fairly firmly to the home ground which has served them so well. There is no shame for Germany in losing to this Ghana side, who look like strong tips to go all the way. Serbia and Australia’s very different approaches seemed eventually to cancel each other out in a game which was enjoyable enough but one which never looked like producing a winner.

Coming up Our  last group game of the tournament, Carsmile Steve’s Honduras facing up to Greg F’s Switzerland. Either side could progress!