One of the secrets of the Pop World Cup, like it’s recently-invented footballing cousin, is that very often matches between unfancied outsiders generate the most exciting moments. Chile ans Switzerland, both losers in their first games, are dead set on scoring some points now.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight of Wednesday the 7th April.

CHILE: Los Prisioneros – “La Voz De Los ’80” The Manager Says “Some Chilean agit pop from the ’80’s! Hope for a better showing this time, kinda Devo-esque!”

SWITZERLAND: Sens Unik ft. MC Solaar – “Le Repas” The Manager Says: “In order to avenge the previous round’s loss, I have turned to affable Lausanne based hip hop combo Sens Unik. Learning from prior defeat, I have tried to select a song that moves a bit better, and this odd little rap track hopefully will get the job done.”

Commentary Box Analysis:I may not be representative but I was despatched to commentate alone for this game, and for me it’s one of the matches of the tournament. Chile playing it jerky and unfamiliar, their left winger apparently very strong. Switzerland may suffer some disapproval as they field beloved Senegalese-French striker Solaar, but for me it’s’ always a great pleasure to see the old gentleman take the field. It’s a corker, and it could go either way.

Group H Match 3: Which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • CHILE - Los Prisioneros 55%
  • SWITZERLAND - Sens Unik ft MC Solaar 45%

Total Voters: 49

Poll closes: 7 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Result! Group E: Slovakia 0 Paraguay 3: There were visible gaps in the stands as the crowds failed to turn out in large numbers for this one. Slovakia played a tune which had failed to qualify as their Eurovision entry, but they played it in an acoustic formation. Still it seemed that it might have had enough to match the Paraguayans’ languid style. But no, Paraguay’s team held together well, and it was instead the Slovaks who collapsed to a heavy defeat.“Finally the Cumbia! I thought it’d be Argentina bringing the goods, but [Paraguay] is fairly sweet, and it even brings in a brief dembow and crunk chants to befuddle things further.””Team selection suggest a lack of depth in both squads and the standard of play is bordering on amateurish.” “The Slovakian manager appears to be having some kind of Rafa Benitez style meltdown and the team selection could be his as well. This is a limited Eurovision style diva played hopelessly out of position.” ” Am liking the PAR track a lot. Really strong melody to back up the almost casual ease with which they capture the mood of a summer evening drinking oddly strong local drinks in a strange bar.”

Coming Next:Staying with Group H, it’s the final game of the second wave of pop matches, and it’s a transatlantic tie between two first-game winners, Spain and Honduras.