Portugal and Brazil share a language and a complex colonial and post-colonial history. Today, however, they share a pop-football pitch, and both sides are still hoping to qualify  for the next round. Job de Wit’s Portugal need a win to be sure to progress (though a draw might do); Brazil and Chris A need a win, PLUS the other result in the group going their way. Everything is still to play for here.

This match closes at midnight on Tuesday 20th April

Portugal: Buraka Som Sistema ft Pongo Love – “Kalemba” The Manager Says: “Boistered by a sound win in the last match, we feel ready to tackle the mighty Brazil. This is the big match, the one the players have been looking forward to all this time. We feel ready. The side Portugal is entering is made up of the children of Portugal’s former colonies, much like the 1998 (proper football) World Cup winning French team. Abro a fronteira, não digo lixo, nem digo asneira!”

BRAZIL: Legião Urbana – “Tempo Perdido” The Manager Says: “I have enlisted the help of Brazil’s premier rock band to make sure that Brazil go out with a bang. Go get ’em boys!”

Commentary Box Analysis: The Portuguese once again play a superior kind of dance-pop, a tactic that has served them well so far. We can’t help but notice the awesome name of “Pongo Love”, too. The Brazilians, meanwhile, flushed with their capital-R rock success last time out, stick with the guitars. The most heard phrase in the commentary box is “what’s the most common surname in Brazil?” as we all scramble to make a lame joke out of the somewhat Smiths-y sound.

Group G Match 6: Which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • PORTUGAL: Buraka Som Sistema 69%
  • BRAZIL: Legião Urbana 31%

Total Voters: 62

Poll closes: 20 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Coming up: Tomorrow we begin the last of the group games in this year’s tournament: Group H remains an enticing prospect with Honduras taking on Switzerland and Spain tackling Chile.