We return now to Group G, where nothing is decided. Anyone could go through, anyone could go out. Cote d’Ivoire, managed by Wichita Lineman, have been muscular and impressive so far, while Mark S’s Korea DPR seem to approach us from a different pop reality entirely. We’ve been waiting for this match – will it live up to expectations?

This match closes at midnight on Tuesday 20th April

KOREA DPR: Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble – “Hwiparam” The Manager Says: “Victorious Greetings from the Hermit Kingdom! Wonder now tremendously at delicacy unfeigned and mastered, in the true crafting hands and sprightly revolutionary currents of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble — YES! Savour this name! For among the sullen milquetoast acronyms of the debased barbarian huddlings you call Western “culture”, the PEE arc and glitter boldest of all… Jaunty yet poignant, saucy yet gemlike, “Hwiparam” is a gracenote on the people’s insoucient warrior ease with all the advanced waiting world. Let the paltry outer layers vacillate and fret: they came to SNEER yet they STAYED TO LEARN. Hop la, it is an established shoo-in. OUR NAME IS FABULOUS FOR WE ARE LEGION.”

COTE D’IVOIRE: Tangara Speed Ghoda – “Loubard Feeling” The Manager Says: “Bringing the eccentric Abidjan reggae star Tangara off the bench provides a tactical switch, with a vocal that manages to be relaxed and tuff and bristling all at once. Loubard, for the record, means “bad boy, yob, hooligan, churl”. After a bruising game with Brazil, CIV are buoyed through the 90 minutes by some cortizone-injecting keyboards and brass. In case none of this is enough to overpower the North Koreans, the crazed blitz on their goal in the last 30 seconds should do the trick.”

Commentary Box Analysis: a game played entirely on the off-beat and a game which has the pundits refusing to pund – no-one can tell how DPRK’s beautifully stiff space-Morricone business will work against CIV’s excellently flex-y organ-driven African reggae. We’ve never seen a game quite like it. We’d like to see a lot more.

Group G Match 5: Which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • KOREA DPR: Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble 55%
  • COTE D'IVOIRE: Tangara Speed Ghoda 45%

Total Voters: 60

Poll closes: 20 Apr 2010 @ 23:59

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Results: Group C – USA 3 – Algeria 3: Pete Baran’s USA team and Martin Skidmore’s Algeria went toe-to-toe with massively varying styles and played out a high-scoring stalemate to the delight of all neutrals, the 59-41 percentage as tight a result as we have seen so far. Slovenia 3 – England 0: Kat’s melodic bosh approach completely overwhelmed an England side which looked competent and confident at the outset.  The group results are with the statisticians but first reports suggest that Slovenia have squeaked past a very unfortunate Algeria on percentages.

Coming up: The final game in Group G, and one of the great post-colonial matches – a fixture to conjure with as Portugal take on Brazil.