Whilst Friends of Freaky Trigger are off today placing moneys on horseys, MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, William Hill have given odds for Eurovision 2010. Can you guess where the UK might be placed, given Pete Waterman decided not to bother with the “chorus” this year? Let’s see what happens as the song, um, ‘evolves’ before Oslo. Odds under the jump (h/t Boom Bang A Blog, who is well worth following!)

5/1 Israel
11/2 Azerbaijan
6/1 Denmark
15/2 Norway
10/1 Croatia
12/1 Greece, Armenia and Sweden
14/1 Germany
20/1 Belgium
25/1 Ukraine
33/1 Slovakia, Iceland, United Kingdom, Ireland and Turkey
40/1 Moldova, Spain and Romania
50/1 Russia, Malta, Lithuania, Cyprus and Georgia
66/1 Bosnia & Herzegovina, Estonia, Albania and Serbia
80/1 Finland and Switzerland
100/1 Latvia, Belarus, Portugal, France, Bulgaria and The Netherlands
150/1 Slovenia
200/1 FYR Macedonia and Poland

The 100/1 Netherlands appears to have been time-travelling with the Nolans, which would demand better odds in *my* book. Key-changes, nonsense lyrics “sha la lie, sha la la”, but… NO ENGLISH! And the crowd gasp as the ball just clips the goalpost…

Am surprised to see Ireland relatively low, given they are fielding someone who has already WON, the big CHEATS. (I have heard about 10 seconds of it, before the drippiness had me running back to the loving arms of SPAIN. Y viva!).