It’s been a good tournament for the African sides so far: but Cameroon’s Weston Debevec has a very tough opening game against pop sleeping giant Japan, managed by Dasal Abayaratne.

You have until midnight on the 1st March to vote in this one.

CAMEROON: K-Tino – “La Queue De Ma Chatte” The manager says: “The first time I heard this song was during a fight I was having.This guy I was fighting had a knife to my throat. I’m certain he would have killed me there and then except that, just as the knife began to pierce my skin, a car drove past playing ‘La Queue de ma Chatte’. This guy dropped the knife and started smiling. I started smiling. We embraced like brothers, slapping each other heartily on the back and laughing raucously. We ran after the car and were able to easily run as fast as it. We ran alongside the car all night with that song playing repeatedly, hundreds of people joined us, all of our heads bigger with joy than all the great drug experiences of everyone in history combined. I was seven years old at the time. This song is the song Christ heard on the cross.”

JAPAN: Andymori – “Follow Me” The manager says: “Japan have brought a large squad to this years World Cup with a range of styles ready to play at any time. For this first match I have chosen the young up and coming band Andymori. This hard working band have packed a huge amount of energy into this short youthful indiepop hit. With a catchy chorus, frenetic vocals and a driving rhythm section, who can resist but getting up, dancing and indeed following Andymori.”

Group E Match 2: Which track did you prefer? [ballot]

  • Japan: Andymori 57%
  • Cameroon: K-Tino 43%

Total Voters: 75

Poll closes: 1 Mar 2010 @ 23:59

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Commentary Box Analysis: “Delightful, unhurried play from the Camerounians against a Japanese side full of running and perhaps prone to the occasional stray tackle. Should be an intriguing game.”

RESULTS! Algeria 2 Slovenia 1 Defeat for the Slovenians – they played well but ran into an exceptional Algerian side. “The Algerian Pop Association appear to have made a canny decision here in appointing a manager with a deep-seated appreciation for the national game. It shows – this Algerian side are exquisite.” “Slovenia are the fist smallish European nation we have had so far, and this is not far off what I would expect. A solid little pop song with enough of a bonkers chorus to be lovable.” “Slovenia look like Rymans Leaguers at the start, with only that occasional synth flourish indicating there’s any spark to their play. But then they bring on an import from the prog league! The flute solo totally redeems the track.”

Coming Up! Group F brings us Italy v Paraguay, and Slovakia v New Zealand – hopefully in that order!