Saw New Moon tonight. Survived the emoness of the film, though was disappointed by the halfhearted emo-ness of the soundtrack. Yes Death Cab For Cutie, yes Lykke Li, and how you managed to get proto-emo Thom Yorke on the soundtrack I don’t know. But what they really wanted was a thematic soundtrack by one band only. And there is one band who have already written a soundtrack for this more lupine entry of the Twilight saga. And that band obviously being Duran Duran. So the soundtrack as it should have been:

New Moon On Monday – only totally relevant if you see it on a Monday but New Moon On Sunday also works,
Girls On Film – for when Bella gets her camera as a birthday gift. Its digital but how could Le Bon have predicted that?
Ordinary World – What Edward wishes for Bella when he leaves.
Lonely In Your Nightmare – Dull Rio album track for Bella’s dull moping / nightmare combos.
The Chauffeur – Jacob as mechanic is a bit like a chauffuer.
Wild Boys – Gosh those boys are acting wild.
Hungry Like The Wolf – Dude, its because they are werewolves.
View To A Kill – OK we don’t actually see them kill Laurent, but we do see the wolves beat him up.
Come Undone – More of an overall theme for the film, to describe what happens to all mens shirts.
Rio – Where Edward receives the bad news of Bella’s death.
Planet Earth – What Bella traverses half of to go rescue Edward in Italy.
New Religion – What the vampires appear to follow so near ultra Catholic Italian churches.
Is There Something I Should Know? – Yes, stupid Edward, Bella is still alive.
Notorious – What Bella has become in vampire circles.
The Reflex – What Edward uses to fight the other vampires and win!

You basically have the soundtrack if you have a Duran Duran greatest hits CD, or Arena (missing out Lonely In Your Nightmare which is no cop anyway). And you can also imagine that Union Of The Snake is the theme to FACEPUNCH, the awesome film within a film. If only they had done this and we might have been spared a Grizzly Bear track on the soundtrack.