1: Zombieland has lots of zombies in it.
Adventureland has scant adventure in it.
A: 0 Z:1

2: Adventureland is a sweet romance disguised as a slightly older version of Superbad!
Zombieland is a sweet romantic comedy disguised as a zombie film.
A: 0 Z:2 (Zombieland is the better romance)

3: Adventureland stars Jesse Eisenberg.
Zombieland stars Jesse Eisenberg.
A: 0.5 Z: 2.5

4: Despite being called Zombieland, it isn’t very scary.
Whilst called Adventureland , the real adventure is the one of falling in love and growing up.
A: 1.5 Z: 2.5

5: Zombieland’s high point, the celebrity cameo, also destabilises the film.
Adventureland’s unexpected Ryan Reynolds cameo is the emotional core of the film.
A: 2.5 Z: 2.5

6: Zombieland’s celebrity cameo is remarkably funny.
Adventureland never really makes it to funny.
A: 2.5 Z: 3.5

7: Adventureland strives for some sort of cultural import.
Zombieland knows it is the most disposable film ever.
A: 2.5 Z: 4.5

8: Adventureland is predicated on reasonably smart people doing reliably dumb things to each other. Especially in love.
Zombieland is predicated on character who appear dumb being actually quite smart. Until they fall in love.
A: 2.5 Z: 5.5

9: Adventureland has Husker Du on the soundtrack.
Zombieland has Ghostbusters on its soundtrack.
A: 2.5 Z: 6.5 (this score might have been different if I was 18).

10: Adventureland is an enjoyable if slight “making friends when you do shit work” comedy.
Zombieland is a thoroughly disposable but hughly enjoyable zombie comedy.
A: 2.5 Z: 7.5

There you go, proven by science that of the two Jesse Eisenberg films with “Land” in the title released in the last few months, Zombieland is three times better than the still OK Adventureland.