Last week I posted a list of my favourites among my own 2009 pieces. I also asked people on Twitter to tell me what their favourite thing THEY’D written this year was, promising a bit of link love. And here it is! No editing or vetting – just some online writing people are proud of:

God Bless The USA Is A Monster: @justinfarrar on the demise of a prog-noise institution.
Years Of Refusal: @logankyoung reviewing Morrissey for Cokemachineglow.
Picturehouse: Twilight: @sarahditum has a go at a the cult teen flick.
Tear It Up: @popshifter mourns Lux Interior.
The death of the album act single: @iainif plots the separation of 33 and 45.
Night Of A Thousand Key Changes: @miketd on Eurovision runners and riders.
Pop Idyll: @mikebiondi on Animal Collective.
Frightened Rabbit/We Were Promised Jetpacks: @MattPoacher reviewing a Scala gig.
What Does Blender’s Demise Mean For The Music Biz?: @jgrossnas brings the analysis (he also suggested this on Springsteen/Ticketmaster)
In A Hot Place: @canfan with a short story for young adults.

If you mentioned something and I missed it, let me know.

It was interesting to me that mostly music writers replied. I have a lot of bloggers on a lot of subjects in my Twitter followers list, but no marketers, social media people, researchers and only one generalist journalist sent me their link. Which is odd because my stereotyped perception was that music writers are generally shyer about their stuff than, say, social media bloggers!

Anyway, I hope you find some links to enjoy – and possibly bookmarks to add – here. Thanks to all those who took part.