Another round of the Top 40 singles as seen through the lens of Twitter (previous instalment here). Rules: I take (roughly) the most recent substantive comment about each track, searching for title first then artist. The result? A snapshot of what the Twittersphere are feeling about pop right now! (Or, in some cases, yesterday).

1. “Like the song Right Round, but depressed to be old enough to remember the original lyrics and know what a record is!”
2. “been in liverpool2long. heard the saturdays depeche mode cover (just cant get enough), & it sounded ok. Uh-oh. . . ”
3. “Don’t get me wrong, I like Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face“, but how many times is the new KROCK (aka NOW) going to play this song? 70 times? 100?”
4. “Maybe the worst song title so far this year: Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” And sung sincerely! No wink at audience.”
5. “Taylor swift just came on the builders radio outside my house :) i love this song (love story btw)”
6. “is pretty sure the radio plays “dead and gone” once every 20 minutes. OVER IT!”
7. “Just discovered Lily Allen’s song The Fear-a blunt look at our celebrity & consumerism-something I see everyday”
8. “I listen to her, I do like Just Dance and Poker Face, but would have never listened, if it were not for NKOTB!”
9. “Driving around town running some errands before the jh extravaganza…listening to “t-shirt” by shontelle…it’s so good!”
10. “hi panace81 any chance u cud do nicoles look from the new pussycat dolls video ft missy elliot plse an were can i get sum eyebrow wax from?”

11. “still loving “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. =) going to work out to increase my weight loss from .2lbs to .25lbs…ah hell.”
12. “Rainy and windy March morning, but Omen by The Prodigy is providing the appropriate bass to make it all worthwhile. Writing’s on the wall”
13. “”You’re so beautiful, so damn beautiful” Freaking awesome new song by Akon! :D”
14. “Is it just me or does the chorus of Take That’s “up all night” sound like that of “50 ways to leave your lover” ?”
15. “Is it just me or is Alesha Dixons New Single ‘breathe Slow’ Kinda Decent????”
16. “Three headed monster is a sick mixtape bro, crack a bottle is a crazy track. Shut yo bloodclot mout’ bomba clat ! lol”
17. “Perhaps it is time in my life to sound the Beyonce’ Battle Cry, but for different reasons: All The Single Ladies! Where’s the Single Ladies?”
18. “wearing my Grime Impressario hat, delighted that Tinchy Stryder’s new song, Number 1, has got onto Radio 1 playlist. Important breakthrough!” (OK this isn’t about “Take Me Back” but it is by Lib Dem health spokesman Norman Lamb MP!)
19. “He can’t play on broken strings and Molliefromthesaturdays DOESN’T want to have his babies – GUTTED!”
20. “Random Thought: I really dont think Kid Cudi is going to top “Day n Night””

21. “is likin’ this Chip Diddy Chip song, boi! Don’t give me any lip diddy lip, yeah?”
22. “The Kings of Leon-Sex on Fire track is STILL addictive,I cant get over how great it is,there must be a subliminal conspiracy message in it.”
23. “i have dates some pretty awful guys but i think that hope it gives you hell song is terrible … why would anyone want that for posterity?”
24. “listening to Strong Again by N-Dubz. It’s the new Big Bro Thang by Big Brovaz.”
25. “in 2 days I have gone from liking ‘I’m Yours’ to being completely obsessed with Jason Mraz. New celebrity crush anybody?”
26. “..Kevin Rudolf – Let it Rock…why do I always dance to this? Especially when driving.”
27. “Perhaps I just have an Idol affliction, but I could have sworn I heard the two little guys harmonizing Human by The Killers upstairs.”
28. “Over slept 5 1/2 hours! When I woke had britney spears song ‘circus’ stuck in my head like I had been singing it all night. Haunting.”
29. “does kings of leon’s ‘revelry’ have lyrics, or is it just one great big long nasally whine?”
30. “I’m a U2 fan, but their latest song “Get On Your Boots” is aaawful”

31. “wishes she didn’t get up so early, wishes he back wasn’t aching and wonders why lemar is still being allowed to make ‘music'”
32. “Bud, can you play Issues – Saturdays. I buy u a pint if i ever see ya. U’ll make my London day brighter haha. Thnks a million :)”
33. “Have I been listeing to Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold three times a day for the past week? Yes. Ashamed of myself? A little.”
34. “Madcon is proof that Norway has soul.”
35. “Just watched Miley Cyrus’s “Fly on the Wall” music video, omg it’s so much like Thriller!”
36. “I may well have OD on MGMT s Time to Pretend by the end of the day. The lyrics seem to be striking a chord today!”
37. “Music in last night’s car industry piece ( was the Dfa remix of Paper Planes by M.I.A. Happy to help.”
38. “I really dig Pink’s new song, “Sober.” Esp the part when she sings, “When it’s good, then it’s good, it’s so good ’til it goes bad.””
39. “Overhearing Mrs Dobson listening to Beyonce’s ‘if I were a boy’ for the second time today.”
40. “ok…beyonce: what’s going on here? all ur videos have to feature u in a onesie…and since when are u leona lewis? halo? NONO!”