Superhero Perfume Ad

Superhero Perfume Ad

Saw this in a comic last week. Had to be scanned it is so preposterous.

I cannot for the life of me imagine who this is aimed at. Except children. And children
a) don’t buy comics anymore
b) don’t buy eau de toilette

But putting aside the pointlessness of the product, lets consider what each of these fragrances should smell like if the attached hero is involved.

Eau De Spider-Man : Considering he wears an all-in-one body stocking made of what seems to be some form of rubber, and is very athletic it is no surprise Peter Parker developed a fragrance. Notoriously unlucky in love, Peter possibly realised this is because he smelled like a five day old jockstrap whenever he had been web slinging. One assumes this has a strongly antiseptic smell.

Iron-Man After Shave: For the Iron Man who doesn’t have to try too hard. He has machines doing all the trying for him. Tony Stark is rich, suave and probably hates smelling of WD-40 and Swarfega. Again there is the likelihood that the tin can he rides around in reeks of his own body, plus the smell of a newly upholstered car and depending on which plotline he is embroiled with, bouze too. So I imagine this smells like Denim or Old Spice – and also can be swigged if you are out of Iron Man;s favourite vodka.

Hulk: Big, green and agressive. The irrepressible ID, adolescent rage incarnate. That’s simple then. Hulk perfume is the Great Smell Of Brut(e). Hulk Splash! (it all over).