io9 recently had a clip from US comedy show Robot Chicken (kind of a US Adam & Joe show) where they do a operatic précis of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. And an entertaining little piece of stop motion animation vs operatic tropes it is too. They did however miss on Youtube, the real thing, a San Fransisco Cabaret Operatic Company (Goat Hall Productions) doing a straight operatic version of the Star Trek episode Amok Time (the one where Spock gets all illogical and want teh sechs).. The episode is projected behind the the singers who sing through all the dialogue of the piece. Less funny, more impressive than it sounds, they do seem to fluff the opening credits but get well into the swing of things later (especially with the operatic possibilities of Dr McCoy).
Part One:

For the rest click through here (though part 6 seems to be missing)