So it may be premature, but I reckon that I may be getting into a groove with avoiding this Olympics. The key point is to AVOID THE TELEVISION. And luckily the TV has helped me out by scheduling TV programmes I really don’t want to see near the Olympics. So I have no real desire to see Spooks: Code Nine*, and of all the CSI’s to premier in the summer, CSI: Ginger (aka – we only do one case because we are too thick to solve two). No TV has made it easy for me.

But complacency should not kick in because Day 5, another day of almost complete avoidance, was also notable for being a day of travel for me – I spent much of the day in Gatwick Airport, in whoms duty free shops there was no Olympics. So all I really got was a bizarre twenty second blast on the TV of more swimming (WETTEST OLYMPICS EVER – and yes I did see the forecast). And whoever the male commenator was on this mystery final said the following:

“Its one, two and four China, and you know what, I want it to be one, two, three as this great nation who has shown us this magnificent games deserve no less.”

No chance of a BBC commentator getting beaten up by the security services then!