Waylaid by some toddler-borne bacillus I’m not up to writing anything critical today so in lieu of content let’s have SOUNDS:

What have we here then?

First up is Grace IP, or Grace Ip or Grace I.P., erm yes, and that’s just a guess anyway via last.fm: this is from a C-Pop compilation my wife bought me for my birthday, and is a slice of vigorous post-Busted tweenrock, ideal for anyone sorely disappointed by the new McFly material, which is most of you I’m sure.

Then we have Khaled, aka Cheb Khaled from Algeria, who is the King Of Rai! This is from a cheapo world music comp I got in Fopp once and never played – more fool me as it is awesome, a pop-squared Rai Bollywood pastiche: “Rai” is Algerian for “BAGGY”, did you know that? Wikipedia also lets me know that this fulfils a beloved world music cliche in that it sounds like the lyrics should be all flirty winky love bizness but really they are about not being a pussy and fleeing your country just because there’s a war on.

Finally, the song I would have proudly led to defeat had I got to the Europop semi-final: Demis Roussos in late-60s garage band soul-rock meltdown mode with Aphrodites Child. Not sadly from their triple concept album 666, this was an early B side I believe. ROCK ACTION. It would not have beaten France.