Enjoy the top sounds of Europop 2008 – without spanking our bandwidth! FIPA’s technical committee has completed its report, and so the Poptimism Muxtape returns with the cream of the Europop tournament – two tracks from winners Switzerland, one each from the other seven knockout stage contenders, and a smattering of Group Stage treats. Apologies if your track wasn’t selected – Muxtape is temperamental, and keeps refusing some perfectly valid MP3s, so Turkey in particular lost out as two fine tracks went AWOL. I have just been listening to this Muxtape and I think it sounds GREAT, despite no thought whatsoever being given to “mixing”.

If that selection has your toes tapping you might like to know that I will be playing a EUROPOP 2008 set at Poptimism THIS SATURDAY – check the link at the top right of the page for more details. It’s our fifth birthday so my later set will most likely be a celebratory mix of all-time Poptimism classics. Schni schna! Also we have guest DJs Alix and Eli who will be fulfilling the customary guest DJ duty of playing better sets than the main DJs.