With Group B still posed on a knife-edge, can Austria and Poland find a way to break the deadlock?

How to vote: Just tick the track you like best! This poll ends at lunchtime on May 1st.

Austria v Poland: Which track do you prefer? [ballot]

  • Poland: Blog 27 79%
  • Austria: Product.01 21%

Total Voters: 19

Poll closes: 1 May 2008 @ 12:00

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AUSTRIA: Product.01 – “Heart Ov Glass.”

The manager says: “Many players in this team enjoy duel eligibility with Austria and other nations so it’s always a delight to find such talent committed to a host nation with something to prove to the pop world. Product .01 are just one of the bright talents bringing a degree of technique to the squad that gives us a real chance. Now witness a classic style of play people have always loved but infused with modern twists and tricks. For a few years now I’ve watched fans from all over react with pleasant surprise and intrigue to what these kids can produce and I hope for a similar reaction tonight.”

Our analyst says: Can modern players adapt to vintage tactics? This Austrian squad have plenty of muscle but do they possess the lightness of touch needed for the 70s-style “total pop” they’re aiming for?

POLAND: Blog 27 – “I Still Don’t Know Ya”

The manager says: “We are Poland. We see your feeble offside decisions. We reply: “Oh uh-uh oh uh-oh (uh huh, uh huh)”. We do not care how you like us now. We are Poland.”

Our analyst says: Every pop tournament sees a young striker emerge and take the game by storm – in the Pop World Cup it was Brazil’s first-round side, but could this be Poland’s moment? Their fresh-faced attackers have pace and control, and a midfield who look able to spot the killer pass at just the right moment. You can’t fault their skills, but will they have the stamina to last the 90 minutes?

Coming next…: Two powerful pop forces. Two disappointing opening matches. Holland and France will see this as a crunch game. Holland need the points badly after their ageing backline was exposed by an ordinary Italy side in their opening game. France fought Romania to a draw, but more was and is expected of them this time. Both managers have promised younger squads so this could be an intriguing, high-stakes clash.