Estelle, do you remember her – 1980 year that g0d made me – Estelle, she’s been singing songs in the Americas with people more famous than her. Though if you ask me calling yourself John “Legend” is trying too hard. It’s spelt “Leg-END”. Anyway, Estelle, despite alleged rumours about drama queen-dom whilst playing student union balls, and alleged rumours that she was the only one that turned up to her cd signings (remember, when she had that record out), she remains a girl after Freaky Trigger’s heart. Dig the following that she told Popjustce:

You have also found some new friends in America. Shall we talk about Kanye West and John Legend now?
Yes! I met Kanye West outside a chicken and waffle restaurant in LA. You don’t generally find famous people hanging around outside KFC in London, but this was a famous black soul food restaurant. It’s not glitzy, it’s pretty bog-standard but everyone goes there regardless and gets their picture on the wall. It’s like a cross between Nando’s and Chicken Cottage – but one of the sit-down ones.

You can’t go wrong with a Chicken Cottage.
You know what you’re going to get with a Chicken Cottage, that’s for sure. When I was outside the restaurant in LA I knew Kanye was inside and I thought “please let Kanye West walk out now” and when he did I thought, “woo, Jesus is alive”. Unfortunately, the only thing I had to ask him was where John Legend was, but he ended up inviting me to meet him and John at his studio to work on my album.

Clang. Cough cough anyway. For the record, here is Estelle’s new song on J00ls Holland. I haven’t bothered listening to it yet. Why don’t you listen to it and let me know what you think?

I am more concerned as to whether any US/UK readers could confirm that a) “chicken and waffles” does indeed refer to a chicken kiev and a birds-eye potato waffle, and b) whether you can indeed bump into Kanye, Talib Kweli and their great pal String from Live Earth outside chicken shops. Albiet a famous chicken shop. I wonder which shop Estelle is referring to. I would like to go there, I am quite hungry. Two pieces and chips please. Oh yeah and a diet coke. Oh okay three hot wings. OH LOOK JUST GIVE ME EVERYTHING. Frankly I am surprised my local chicken shop does not have a picture of ME on the wall, frankly I have given them enough dosh over the years. The local chip shop has a picture of Paul McCartney on the wall though, he stopped off once for some chips and a pickled onion for Linder, I mean Linda. They’re very nice in that chip shop, I like them. Perhaps I’ll get chips tonight, and not listen to Estelle. She only had that one song after all didn’t she. Apart from the one above. Yeah, perhaps I’ll go listen to that.