Here’s a selection of some of the most entertaining/interesting posts on the site this year – thoroughly incomplete, as it doesn’t include much of the frothing ephemera that makes FT so good (in my partisan view). As usual when I look at the FT archives I’m enormously amused, amazed that there’s so much of it, and frustrated that loads of good ideas don’t get followed up, but such is the way of the blog.  Huge thanks to all contributors and a Happy New Year to all readers.

More Cheese That’s Good To Fry: useful and nutritious.
“Maggie May”: where’s the chorus?
Jamie T’s Album Cover: this is our truth tell me yrs.

It’s Hot!: the sleb comic strip lives on.
The All New SI Units Of Measurement: year’s biggest spam magnet! But a great post.
Shared Universe Comics: I was completely wrong about all this but I still like my idea better than the dire reality.
Your Own Private Quatre Bras: aka A Dalek Make Of Light Part 2.

“Vincent”: Don gets a 1.
Pomp and Circumnavigation: Pointlessness exalted at Wembley.
Sci-Fi for Kids: Andre Norton: big retrospective!

The Sex Pistols at the Manchester Free Trade Hall: pathbreaking pop archaeology.
Take The Brain: stupid chess.

This Is The Review That Goes Like This: please don’t go and see Spamalot.
Worlds In Collusion: the problems of RPG worldbuilding.

Let’s Make Glastonbury Better: a sensible proposal!
“Mouldy Old Dough”: the heart of one 70s.

“Oliver’s Army”: we could talk all night.
Moaning about Black Snake: psychological complexity EXPOSED.

IHM Health And Safety Watch: no, Mike Scott, no!
Diet Water / The Scandal of Skinny Water: consumer watchdog on the prowl..

“Think Of You”: Whigfield’s only proper song!
Food Science: Mars Planets: the second law of thermodynamics – DEFIED.

“Waterloo”: A milestone for Popular
Radio Wrong: the horror, the horror.
Confused by Cerveza?: a linguistic lesson.
Yo DJ Pump This Party: Kat’s first gig!

Whodiddit? – the rules of crime fiction, explained. 
Overgrown doorways: woods between the words
Burial – “Untrue”: writable music and the joy of the 6AM twix 

Self-organising systems in the London Bridge Pret A Manger: social physics! with diagram!
Spicy chocolate curry cupcakes: tasty yet controversial recipe!