Dear Nintendo,

do you think that giving your games names like this might be fuelling the fire for those idiots who like to bash you, or what? Seriously. Dudes. Freshly picked Tingle’s rose coloured rupee land?? Amazing!

The plot of Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland follows Tingle’s transformation from a rather ordinary middle-aged man into his green-clothed fairy persona. Such a story starts when a voice echoes throughout Tingle’s home summoning him to a spring west of his house. There, Uncle Rupee, an old man with a Rupee for his head, offers Tingle a life in paradise if Tingle feeds Rupees into a tower found under the spring, causing it to grow upwards towards the sky. This tower is a gateway to Rupeeland. Tingle agrees, and Uncle transforms Tingle into a new form where Rupees become his source of life.

Erm – Thatcherkids to thread?? This is set to be out in Europe on 14 September according to Wikipedia. You’ve got to admire Nintendo’s guts in spinning out their most hated characters and making no bones about their nastiness – it worked for Wario, why not for Tingle? Oi vey.