This is one of those posts where yr well aware that every single blogger in the country is going to be asking the same question and yet ask you must, viz:

Blue Peter changing the results of its online poll: so that a cat online readers wanted called “Cookie” was now called “Socks”. This is for whatever reason a very bad thing and a severe breach of trust (it has led to MOAR KITAN on BP though so all’s well), what I haven’t seen answered is the question WHY DID THEY DO IT? It’s not as if the online readers had voted to call the cat “Tony B Liar” or “Cockmonger” or had all written in that its religion was Jedi. Maybe the evil poll rigger involved was trying to please their own tiny infant, maybe they were drunk on powar (or just drunk). Also there has already been a famous cat called Socks so it was a useless name. RESIGN BBC, oh wait.