I got mail. Well a comment from someone calling him/herself TamilTyger after my comments about Mika’s probable blindness*:

Dear Tanya, this is a bit of a cheap shot, even for you. Not to mention the fact that whilst that is a terrible cover, I cannot believe you did not notice the covers to MIA’s albums whilst in the MI section of Virgin Megastore. Surely they are much, much worse.

And she always wears dark sunglasses like she is blind.

Whilst I stick by my assessment of the MIKA album cover, TamilTyger does have a point. Of course I did not notice it in the MI section of the Virgin Megastore, because to enter such a place would be putting myself, and everyone at mortal danger of me going on a killing spree. And as we know, presence of dark glasses does not mean that you are actually blind (cf the actually just colour blind Stevie Wonder).

Nevertheless, TamilTyger does have a point. As such I present you with a dangerous competition. I suggest you don dark glasses (or borrow MIA’s or indeed Stevie Wonder’s) before clicking through.

One of these album covers is not actually by MIA. Which one. a) b) or c)?

a) a) b) columbo1.jpg c)arular.jpg

Answers in the comments box. Winners will get to pick an artist for me to critically consider.

*Another obvious point I missed comes courtesy of the lyrics to Grace Kelly:

“Why can’t I be like Grace Kelly”

Er, you’re a curly haired Lebanese bloke, rather than a porcelain skinned Hollywood blonde beauty-cum-European Princess. That’s why it is unlikely that you will ever be cast in the female lead role of a remake of “To Catch A Thief” Mika.