_145680_drag_fan.jpgDid the members of 10CC* actually like cricket or not (answer THEY LOVED IT!) Cricket has, for want of a better word, a fuddy-duddy image. It has panama hats, dress codes and ties for supporters. And whilst charming young gentlemen like this members of England’s Barmy Army try to move it into the progressive, cross-dressing 1930’s, this image is still difficult to shift.

But Test Match Special, the flagship radio show, is fighting this image. Whenever they see a member of a hip young rock and roll band in the stands, why they rustle them into the box for a chat. And to the credit of the young rock band members, they often aquit themselves well chatting to Aggers et al. But then the obtuse and somewhat jokey atmosphere on Test Match Special is not a million miles away from being interviewed on Popworld by a Christmas Pudding.

In my opinion though this is a hiding to nothing. Cricket’s image is one of its assets. By all means invent 20-20 Cricket, with Girls Aloud playing at half-time. But bear in mind that Test Cricket takes five days and stops for lunch and tea. Enless you change the name to EXTREME LUNCHEON, and RED BULL BREAK, you are never going to shake that off. No matter how many members of Razorlight or McFly you have on your side.

Actually especially if you have members of Razorlight on your side.

*What is the difference between 10CC and the ICC? NOTHING!