robots1.jpgRobots. And not the so-so computer animated flick of 2005, but real actual robots, computer-brained servants made to follow our every need. The Freaky Trigger periodic table is forward looking to anticipate – in our time – more domestic servitude from our clanking friends.

Except, as that recent article predicted, robots will not be C3-PO-esque droids with cut glass British accents, acting as our own robo-butlers. Robots are not multi-taskers by nature, and it will be some time until a n individual robot that we can program to do anything will actually come about. Until then the robots in our lifetime will probably continue to hide away in car factories, looking like just another part of a production line. The current robot is unable to go for a stroll down the high street or for a cooling WD40 soda. We’ve bolted him to the floor. Which is probably as we like it. As Will Smith has it in I, Robot”, there is something creepily inhuman about a robot, and suspicion of their true motives cannot be far away. And anyone knows designing a race to be more intelligent whilst also expecting them to be subservient is asking for trouble.

mechanoid-robot.jpgAnd so in one hundred years will we be chased across the galaxy in search of a New Earth, because our robot slaves have had enough martini making and have taken up arms. Are we a step away from inventing our own Battlestar Galactica Cylons (either version – though the sexy lady Cylons would perhaps be preferable)? Is the bear-pit bating of Robot Wars merely Exhibit A in what will be a long running case showing humans cruelty to robotkind. Who would blame them if they downed their rachet guns and picked up a machine gun. The argument that we made them and so we can abuse them seems strong, until we remember who made us. And monkeys don’t have dominion around here.

Robots will be an increasing part of human life – as this robot roundup suggests, maybe poking their heads out from their factory doors. And I suggest that we accept them in good faith, and treat them well else they will go all Skynet on our asses. And I’ve seen Terminator and the far superior sequel Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, to know that it gets pretty messy for us fleshies. Hug a robot today. And if you have any Brasso on you, buff one up too. It could make the difference between subjugation and survival.