element-1-love.jpgWhat a bunch of saps we are. But then if you ask fifteen people who have been on a pub crawl for six hours what is the thing that underpins the universe, well a slurred Love is not the unexpected response. Anyway, someone jumped the gun, because as we all know from Luc Besson’s odd as batshit movie*, Love is the Fifth Element. Well not so in the world of FreakyTrigger, love is the most reactive, fundamental element.

Much as you don’t get a lot of hydrogen lying around in pools by the seaside, love can often be difficult to find. And it is always bonded to something else, indeed the essence of love is bonding. But we are not saying what kind of love this is, Fraternal, Romantic or even the Love Of The Common People (smile’s from the heart of a family man). Since FT started as a music site, and since fifty percent of songs** are about love, this again makes sense that it is so central to our experience of the world. Why even Tanya Headon’s music hatred would not exist if so many people did not love so much lousy music.

FT is a site which often plays its cards close to its chest about what it loves. We love music, we love films, we love pubs, we love food, we even love Julian Jaynes ‘The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’. But what we really love is talking about this stuff, fitting out screwdriver into the housing of the artwork and finding out how it works. So we love to talk, we love to argue and we love to express our love by a snarky disregard for the importance of anything. Loving something is about recognising its flaws and loving it despite of that. Or even better, loving something because of its flaws. The Vincent discussion below is predicated on an internalised type of art criticism which goes out of its way to bash the straw man of the critics. But most critics love what they criticise, one way or another. Because love, however it is packaged, is at the heart if the human experience. And the building block of our universe.

Yes, we are a bunch of saps, and we know it.

*Gary Oldman acts strangely, Milla Jovovitch lets her hair-dye and tit-tape do her acting and Tricky – well, Tricky and acting just don’t go.

**Official UK Census Stat.