asparagus tipps and alistairHurrah! For, lo, it is asparagus season again, which coincided nicely with our weekend visit to Arbutus in Soho (srsly, go there, you can have two amazing courses and good wine for like £30 a head which is barely more than a curry in town these days, and certainly in no way excessive for Quality Food and, yeah, it’s popular but you can get a table at 6 no problems at all on less than a week’s notice).

Mrs Carsmile had a starter of steamed asparagus and fried DUCK EGG (it came in a frying pan) and I had asparagus soup with a big dollop of ricotta in the middle and we agreed that asparagus is almost the best vegetable ever.

Then tonight we had roast asparagus a la dast00r that we dipped (with a bit of faffing) into a WHOLE BAKED CAMEMBERT, what could possibly be nummier?

Also i got to revive one of my favourite ilx threads.