At the annual Tween’ Christmas And New Year Freaky Trigger Pub Crawl we always do a list. Such themed lists in the past have included the FT Top 100 Films Of All Time Ever 2003 and the FT Top 100 Songs. Many are started and not finished. But this year the list was made, and has not been seen yet. That is because this list requires a complex graphic which I have not had time to complete yet – but i am off on holiday today (yay) so it may get done. This years list was the Freaky Trigger Periodic Table. More on which soon.


But if you are short of periodic table fun, why not try out the Periodic Table of Desserts. Taking to task some other comedy periodic tables for, well, not being periodic, this one attempts to map the word of dessert onto a familiar format. Not sure if it works, but nice to see a thermal spectrum and some molecular bonding analysis too.