Wii SportsYes, it’s the Nintendo Piss-station! I will be wanting a wee soon, you’ll be wee-ing all day etc. Now I’m slightly more scatalogically inclined than many, but I think I only took about one (1) day to hear through the sound of the name and treat it the same as the homophone pronoun. However there remain two exceptions:

1 When someone says “The Royal We” (always hilarious)
2 This console is bundled with a game called Wii-Sports

YET NOBODY HAS BLINKED over number two (yes, yes) in ALL the fanboy articles I have read in all the nintendo blogs EVER. Wii Sports?! sounds a bit like… (NSFW Urolagnia on wikipeida for those needing their innocence ruining).

I remain more childishly excited about the new Nintendo console than any thing/product/gadget – probably since I first heard about the Currah microspeech for the ZX Spectrum. I have watched EVERY youtube that Digg has thrown at me, read most of the non-spoiler Zelda reviews out there (they really seem to like it!), seen pics of the crazy queues for it over there in “world launch” americaland. My initial reservations about the controller, that it might be not quite good enough, have given way to a belief that this will be like when computers first started using mice. And now it’s a bit jarring, having thought hard and long about all this, to find ppl still tripping up over the name. I guarantee that by the spring, though you may still find some comic mileage in the console’s name, you’ll all be bursting for a go.

wii wordplay on the news/blogs [ed. please avoid all these – oh well done]