luigi! oh yeah! babies! goo goo!So I got home from Finnish class tired, exhausted and filthy. I wanted a bath, but thought I’d have a quick game of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time next. Mm yes that lovely blend of turn based fights and amusing characters and fun plot, yes just what I need. What did I get instead? A tedious boss fight that – I kid you not – took me one hour and ten minutes  to conclude! The boss wasn’t even hard, but apparently had ENDLESS energy! And of course – and here’s the worst thing about the game – it never tells you how many hit points the enemy you’re fighting has left – you can be nearly about to kill him or you could go on for ANOTHER FORTY FIVE MINUTES. In the end stretch I was nearly in tears. The urge to smack the damn DS off and throw it out of the window was rising like a BLOODY COUP. But yet, showing my utter insanity I persevered.

And when I finally beat the boss, and cried tears of relief – what happened? A nice big restful cut-scene, some plot development to reward me from wasting so much time of my precious LIFE on this boring, endless boss?? No. I got to descend into a volcano and carry on, achieving NO significant level objectives – just… carry on there Mario.


I take it all back, previous most-annoying-boss (Mazaal from the Minish Cap) – we have a new winner!! BAD Nintendo, BAD!