Its ZinadineA film which has polarised many viewers. Some love it, find something magical about the long arcs of nothingness, the occasional random thoughts subtitled on screen and the clarity of this singular vision. Others see it as a glorified time and motion study, out of which Zidane comes quite badly (though he doe make a goal before he gets sent off – just to spoil the plot for you). For what its worth, I found its hypnotic stylings perfect post a frazzled day of work. To what extent my enjoyment was mainly predicated on hearing some particularly noodly piece of Mogwai really loud is debatable. Tired me is a bit of a feedback heavy prog-head. But the lack of action allows the mind to wander. So here are my wanders…

1) Anyone doing any kind of management study would tell you that Zidane is not exactly an effective communicator in this film. He rarely talks to his team-mates, he occasionally bates the opposition once. He smiles once, after a shared joke with Roberto Carlos (who seems like a MUCH more effective communicator) – and then gets sent off. Round here people would say he was a bit of a loner.

2) Is the above true because Zidane knows the film is being made? Clearly he is not interested in the role model aspect of the film, he happily spits, swears and eventually gets sent off. But he is interested in looking cool, and perhaps deep in though (as his subtitled thoughts seem to stress).

3) Despite being made with seventeen cameras, seventeen points of view of one player – the experience of watching was much more like watching live football than watching it on television. Watching live football for me is more about missing the action that catching it. Trying to see around the blokes head in front at Barnet, the play being miles away in the corner. Chatting to your mate and then missing a goal and NO REPLAYS. Having to check your own watch to work out how much time has passed. Just like real football.

4) If Sky Sports started using Mogwai to soundtrack their football, the experience would be very, very different.