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What Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” Cover Would Actually Look Like…

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If it really was on a wall in 1979.

A manky wall, somewhere in Islington
Note the following:

a) RW 4 RW. Initially cryptic, is easily understood when one considers the narcissism of Roger Waters.

b) Whilst sadly the crude NF written upon the wall is probably for the National Front, nasty racist group that they were, it is also possible that it is short for NO FLOYD!

c) Some wag has made a Chad like Syd Barrett joke, not comprehending how much worse the album could have been if Syd had been there. Well, at least bad in a different way.

d) Oh that I was a boy and could piss so magnificently.


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  1. 241
    Vlizzle on 24 Jul 2009 #

    You are a complete fucking moron. It’s bad enough you don’t like Pink Floyd, but you don’t like any music at all. You need to get a life. Music is the one universal language. You must lead a very sorry existence.

  2. 242
    pink floyd lover on 30 Jul 2009 #

    you fucker you dont understand what is real music pink floyd is better than the shit that you hear stupid motherfucker roger waters is not a narcisist an first listen to the music an then you will understan the real meaning of the letter ok fuck you or maybe you are saying that shit because you have a brain damage.

  3. 243
    Uwe on 8 Aug 2009 #

    What I love about Pink Floyd:
    is their music and their lyrics which have accompanied me since I was 16 and that more than 30 years ago. And the older I get the better I understand.
    Their music questions our world and how we see it.

    What I hate about people:
    intolerance, stupidity, fundamentalism!!

    Sorry guys allmost all of you do not understand what your beloved band tries to teach you: TOLERANCE

    I find this new wall design brilliant. I had to laugh!
    Dont take things too serious or you may start looking like those fundamentalists, Nazis, Commies,(… you name it) whose only joy is to HATE!

  4. 244
    Doug on 9 Oct 2009 #

    “Blah blah blah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Well all in all it seems as though most of the Floyd fans have just put another brick in the wall. As a devout Floyd fan I am disappointed in our responses. I’m looking at the reviews and I feel some of the same things you all do,,,,, @ the same time I think of the lyrics of 2 Pac’s Changes. Unfortunately this is something that The Pink was trying to open our minds to. pulling us away from personal and Nationalistic views to move us toward Unitarianism. We need to stop using differences as a way to point the finger and use them as a way to unite the masses. no matter what your nationality, race ,creed or religious affiliation or personal views, we all care about the people around us and those we love, we want to be respected for our views and understood. When It comes right down to the line, we are all just living within ourselves and the wall that separates us is built by ourselves. Just listen to Sorrow by You Know Who. ” one world one soul, time passes the river rolls.” When it comes right down to it most of us will never see past ourselves. Grow Up and live by the rule you want others to live by and “make this world a better place.” Oh, and by the way before I forget. ” I kissed a girl and I liked it.” Music Shows us the best and worst in all of us. Get over it and don’t hate –

    Voice of the voiceless

  5. 245
    Doug on 9 Oct 2009 #

    likes lenas comment dec 2007

  6. 246
    davidgilmour on 23 Nov 2009 #

    nothing is like pink floyd. if you don’t pink floyd thats one thing. but just because you dont like something doesnt mean you have to go and talk shit about musical poineers. for example: i dont like santana. but i dont go talk shit about him to his fans ans crap!!!!!

  7. 247
    callum on 30 Nov 2009 #

    have you tried to listen to it and the story its trying to tell!!!???? this aint just music its a part of someones life you fucking prick!!!!

    do us a favour n go and inject some heroin into your vains and rot in the gutter!!!!!

  8. 248
    Robert Fulton on 9 Jan 2010 #

    No, she won’t be a chav..
    She’ll be a spotty little girl trying her damn best to be popular and cool by ragging on bands that changed music for the better.
    Just because you don’t appreciate it love, don’t mean you have to broadcast it…unless of course you are excactly as a say you are and you want attention.

  9. 249
    Good ol' Muffin on 11 Jan 2010 #

    I think “The Wall” was several degrees less important a project than “Captain Beaky” in the annals of popular culture.

  10. 250
    seira_g on 17 Jan 2010 #

    Fuck u. u have no idea what good music is. I hate all music, my ASS.

  11. 251
    No One on 20 Jun 2010 #

    I cannot decide which is worse: the drawing, the people talking about how much Pink Floyd sucks, the people making death threats to Tanya, or the fact that anyone cares about this. I don’t even know why I came here.

  12. 252
    your mom on 26 Sep 2010 #

    the guy that made this picture is a prick

  13. 253
    xupalo on 22 Oct 2010 #

    oye imbecil hijo de PUTA… Pink Floy es la mejor musica que puede existir, “Destroy the walls they put around our minds”…

  14. 254
    xXananymousXx on 26 Oct 2010 #

    “That one don’t look right” “If I had my way I’d have you shot” the wall is one of the best albums of all time and you prob dont know these lyrics cuz your a 12 year old trolling screw off

  15. 255
    xXananymousXx on 26 Oct 2010 #

    @ joseph damn straight

  16. 256
    Martin on 19 Nov 2010 #

    HOW DARE U 2 DO THIS?! pink floyd was, and still is one of the greatest bands of all time! i mean, sereausly! what are u? a fucking justin beaver fan? u dream about HER everynight or u have a freaking photo of her under ur pillow?! or maybe u just like one of those disney´s motherfucker that pretend to be musician, like hanna montana or the jonas brothers?!

  17. 257
    Myrtle Pink Floyd on 24 Nov 2010 #

    This was written from a person who doesn’t only hate Pink Floyd but ALL MUSIC. So there is no need to discuss that that person is an idiot.
    You hate music therefore you hate everything nice created in the world. Btw Pink Floyd is one of the best bands and you are not to judge these things when clearly you hate all music and know nothing about it. Get a life. Stop commenting on the stuff you dont like in your sad miserable life. If you hate music then why bother writing about it. How can you expect not to get hate comments?
    Syd Barrett was a GREAT musician, greater than you will ever be.

  18. 258
    morfinh on 24 Nov 2010 #

    How dare u say such things about Pink Floyd?!?!?
    They were a great band.
    And after all, u really have to read their lyrics, see their work, thei music etc before you start critisizing them like that. I threw a look at your web and found out that u ‘ve written about…like..hundreds of bands. You re like the guy that knows everything, or sth?
    You have to know a thing about music to judge it.
    And finally, the fact that “you hate music” does not give you the right to say such things about it and underestimate or laugh at what hundreds of other people love.

  19. 259
    FloydLover on 10 Jan 2011 #

    I Personally like Pink Floyd, But if you don’t that’s fine.
    To each his own…

  20. 260
    john on 25 Jan 2011 #

    i bet the bitch who posted this listens to lady gaga and all the mainstream shit lol

  21. 261
    Junior Godoy on 15 Feb 2011 #

    You Wrong People… Even if you’re not good at it, don’t criticize those who do it well!!

  22. 262
    Pink Floyd Fan on 16 May 2011 #

    You’re saying Pink Floyd are “Shit”!? Holy fucking bollocks!!! Mainstream music like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy is SHIT, in fact mainstream music is a complete load of BOLLOCKS! You’re probably one of these chavs that listens to “N-DUBZ” or whatever the rest of those shit new chav bands are called! Pink Floyd were the best band ever! You’re just being contrary for the sake of it!!!

  23. 263
    Paulito on 29 Jun 2011 #

    Warning: Approximately 73% of the comments on this thread are made-up.

  24. 264
    JessEatShit on 18 Jul 2011 #

    You see, I do respect everyone’s opinion in anything they belive. But To beleive that Pink Floyd is “shit”, then to post it on a website is a bit absurd. I’m sure people would rather an opinion of a band from a person that actually likes music. Since you hate music, this is probably the opinion you give to every other band. So i suggest you stop wasting your time criticizing a band that you knew you weren’t even going to like in the first place. This is the most pointless blog(or whatever this is) i have ever seen. How about writing about something you like for once, instead of perioding all over everyone’s opinion?

  25. 265
    Kanye on 30 Aug 2012 #

    One of the greatest albums in my opinion and you dicks wanna fuck it up? That’s just wrong….

  26. 266
    weej on 31 Aug 2012 #

    Yes, Kanye. Our contacts at EMI are working on replacing the original cover with this one and destroying all remaining stock / images of the previous version.

  27. 267
    hacqyr on 26 May 2013 #

    Ask Venetta Fields & Carlena Williams if Pink Floyd are racist, I detest ignorance

  28. 268
    vollstix on 22 Jul 2015 #

    @HACQYR Hmm, yes, let’s ask them about Roger “And my heart skips a beat, when I hear the coloured girls sing” Waters, shall we?!
    Also I find everyone writing: “bet you’re into all that mainstream shit like Justin Beiber” extremely ironic, seeing as Pink Floyd have one of the highest selling albums IN HISTORY, surely making them the very definition of “mainstream”. I quite like the band but fucking hell you lot get wound up easily! And Waters and Gilmour could never write songs like Pete Townshend, they fucking wish!

  29. 269
    Gareth Parker on 1 Jun 2021 #

    Agree with Vollstix (#268) Prefer Pete as a songwriter to Roger/Dave.

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