fireflyyears ago brian eno gave a lecture in which he argued that the space occupied by PERFUME is multidimensional in a way that cannot be easily mapped — but this post is about how deodorant companies attempt to do just this, not geometrically it’s true, but by the Empirical Willed Correspondence of WORD and PONG: viz in the picture the name is “TUSK: FIREFLY” and who cannot grasp why eh? You smell like yr HORNY ARSE = ON FIRE!

This question popped into my head bcz for obvious reasons just now i wz unable to resist buying Tusk Firefly’s cousin fragrance = “TUSK: TARKK” — yes yes my friends may wish to AVOID ME for the next (haha) phee-ew days as i test it on the world — but SURELY ITS MIASMA WILL BE SHATTERING in a GOOD WAY!!?