Square Jaw, hiding her adams apple with a scarf. WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED?What a coincidence. The Scissor Sisters don’t feel like dancing. And I don’t feel like listening. And not just because they’ve updated their schtick from being Elton John copyists to Leo Sayer copyists*. Not even because the whole song is sung in a falsetto even higher than any previous Scissor Sisters records which suggests that someone has been Spearing Jake in the nuts. Not even could I be tempted to listen just because Man A Matronic (have you seen the size of “her” Adams Apple) is barely on the tune. No, I don’t feel like listening because it is a high pitched squeal of a late disco pastiche which sends all the dogs in this area howling. Admitted the howling dogs are better than the “not big in America, can you guess why“** Scissor Sisters but I would rather listen to nothing.

The only plus point is if the songs continue in an arithmetical progression of pitch, the next album will not be audible by human ears. This is probably what the dogs are worried about.

*Do you think they thought they would get away with it. I bet they were pissed off when Leo had a number one earlier this year, thus reminding the rest of the world of his insipid songs, Pierrot make-up and white-boy afro.

**Nothing to do with homophobia, everything to do with being rubbish.