rascasseThis is a super-simple non-authentic take on BOUILLABAISSE = Provençal fish stew. For the PROPER THING, you need MANY FISH TYPES inc.RASCASSE (left), plus monkfish, red gurnard, John Dory, prawns, eels ect ect. However unless you live in THE CAMARGUE this will be v.pricey INDEED — plus fiddly to prepare. So I went for M&S SALMON FILLETS. A bit trepidatiously, as this is basically cheap farmed salmon, fake in colour, bland and wan in texture and taste. BUT IT WORKED. Experiment other fish as yr imagination and pocket allow!!

you will need:
1xcasserole which can take direct heat (=stand on gas or electric ring without bursting into pieces)
1lb tomatoes
two onions
four cloves garlic
olive oil
FISH (see above): 8 x M&S SALMON FILLETS for four large servings
(fish or prawn stock-cubes if you have em)
herbs etc = saffron, thyme, fennel, bayleaves
PLUS salt, pepper, cayenne pepper
[variants could include potatoes, leeks, avocado*, squeezed lime juice)

i. peel and chop toms
(peel=pop v.briefly in boiling water so skins split; hoik em out and get skins off — this is slippery work — then discard skins and chop what’s left)
(you can also de-skin large toms by holding them on a fork in a gas-ring flame)
ii. chop onions and garlic (and leeks) small
iii. heat olive oil in casserole
iv. cook onions, garlic, toms (leeks) till soft
v. meanwhile boil water (c.5 pints for 4 servings)
vi. when onions soft to taste, add water, herbs, fish or prawn stock
vii. boil for maybe an hour with the lid on
viii. turn down to simmer and add salmon — cook for for five mins
ix. add salt, pepper, cayenne and serve

v.filling multi-fish and potato variant
viii. turn down to simmer and add fish and potatoes — cook for 5-8 mins, removing each fish as it becomes cooked (test by taste); when all fish out continue to cook potatoes till v.v.tender — when ready put fish back in
ix. add salt, pepper, cayenne and serve

any left over will be brilliant cold next day — add either avocado or squeezed lime joice OR BOTH for superb taste sensation