I prefer a gimlet, but then I luvs the GIN!My first sight of the long necked bottle blazing the legend “Fosters Twist” was a horrified yet gleefull anticipation that some brewing bigwig had finally decided to produce and market the legendary ruin known to some as the Power Shandy. I mean, Fosters in a bottle that looks like Smirnoff Ice?! It can only be – half lager, half sugary alcopop, right?? Sadly, no – and Fosters Twist is the much more boringly prosaic attempt to catch the GURLIES into drinking premium lager – prebottled, with a twist of LIME! Alan Partridge should you live for these times. I suppose it’s all Saxondale now. I have a horrible feeling this might work – cola has ensured our familiarity with the “twist” concept and the lager-with-lime is already resident within it’s target audiences brain, but will years of terrible Fosters FHM orientated advertising counter any claim to a potential female audience? Oh, but it’s not casual sexism for the HELL of it, it’s because that’s how all easy going Australians are, rightyo!

Anyway, none of us decided to try it. Finding myself in an environment with NO BITTER, I turned to Guinness – and you know what? It’s VERY tasty. Now if only they’d sell it in a bottle with a twist of oysters.