Adam and Joe should never have worked as a concept. The democratizing idea of getting cheap camcorder users to send in clips of home made sketches should have died a death for Channel 4. And on the whole it did. But they did get Adam and Joe out of it, who had a nouse about cheap production techniques plus good timing. Here is something from Adam knocking around on YouTube, made for some video awards. Technically quite simple, but the mouth-merging/gob-dubbing is done with a deft hand and the jokes and voices are funny (the Michael Moore piece seems to work perfectly).

Teeny YouTube

They haven’t made much of late except a bit of radio for XFM (Saturday morning in a Ross baiting slot: podcasts here), which is a pity. The strangest rumour I have seen is of an Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright Ant-Man movie (Ant-Man being the wife beating, rubbisher powered, Marvel Spider-Man precursor). In the meantime though Adam’s YouTube channel and blog should keep you busy and hopeful for the breakthrough effects of homemade filming.

One wonders if YouTube will throw up more interesting comedy video art, scraps which could be developed. That said, rather than give a neophyte a series (even Modern Toss the other day seemed stretched over half an hour), let’s hope there are producers with a knack who can curate and compile this stuff into watchable television. If you are into gob-dubbing there is already so much banal material on the web for you to go mad with… Hey, I’ve got an idea – how about some Zinadine Zidane gob-dubbing?